Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Spring Picks!

Ok so it's almost June, but summer doesn't officially start until June 20th so I can still slide this little collection under the title "Spring Picks!"  Here are a few sundry items I've had my eyes on the past few months as I've made my rounds through Etsy, Pinterest, and actual, real stores (what are non on-line stores called?  Brick and mortar?).  I hope you enjoy these finds, and you can see more at my boards on Pinterest!

I bought this print for my son's bedroom.  The artist is Souther Salazar and his work is whimsical and bright, just the thing to put a smile on your face!

I also just discovered this artist, Miranda Skoczek, who paints lots of nature inspired pieces with geometric patterns weaving in and out. I think she and I have a similar aesthetic and I really love the way she makes simple shapes and patterns look beautiful and interesting.
I'm crazy for the work by Diane Petkoff a local Austin jewelry artist who makes super modern and elegant designs under the name Tasty Jewelry.  I bought this pair of earrings for myself:
I have also bought a few pairs of earrings by LISH and simply put--you just can't go wrong with her work! These are the latest pair I have been peeping....simple and delicate:

"Holla!" wall decal by Oh Dier!
I'm always in the mood for a good pattern.  Little Attic Shop makes this pillow using Hmong tribal cotton fabric, which is one of a kind fabric that can be found in Southeast Asia:


I love this adorable Victorian swimmer guy by Punky Shop:
Sweet baby and kids clothes with attitude by Baby Bolt:


Tea in Amman
I had these deer on my mind ever since I saw them painted on various folk-styled dishware in Jordan.  I went there a few years ago with a close friend and we spent 5 days driving around the country, visiting her family and checking out some tourist sites.  It was a trip I won't forget and I'm glad I finally found a place for these guys in my art!  The flowers in the center are modeled after Polish Wycinanki paper art.  The rest of the patterns in this piece combine some Croatian embroidery, a West Elm inspired pattern, and some simple shapes I put together myself!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Misha Blaise in the Home

My art hanging in the home of a new collector!  I love the way these prints look against the wood panels; it gives them kind of a rustic look:

Monday, May 21, 2012

Design Inspired by a Rug

A few months ago, I bought this very cool "Kite Kilim" rug from West Elm.

Kite Kilim Rug

At first I had it on my living room floor, but my husband was a big crybaby and said it was too scratchy, so I had to move it under our console.  I really really love the pattern on this rug, and I was inspired to duplicate it into a piece of art I was working on.  The 1 piece turned into 3, and suddenly I had a series inspired by a rug!

Starting out: I painted a few elements to merge together digitally.
The three images I came up with
Art inspired by a rug!
Visit my ETSY shop to buy these pieces!

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