Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recent Art

Art at East Side Studio Tour
Paintings at Paloma Show
Some recent work...

The Zrinski Castle: Misha Blaise

Windstorm: Misha Blaise

Windstorm Detail: Misha Blaise

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

KOLO Opening Reception

Thanks again to Paloma Botanical Beauty Parlour for hosting an amazing event. And thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate! Several of the photos below were taken by a professional photographer, the amazing Nicole Mlakar-Livingston.

Copyright ©Nicole Mlakar-Livingston
Photo Copyright ©Nicole Mlakar-Livingston
Photo Copyright ©Nicole Mlakar-Livingston

KOLO Misha Blaise
Copyright ©Nicole Mlakar-Livingston

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Austin Art Boards Opening Reception

As you may remember from this recent post, I received an honorable mention for a piece I submitted to a city-wide contest called Austin Art Boards.  Here are some pics from the opening reception.  I really enjoyed some of the art; I'm posting pics of some of the other "honorable mentions" who I would have loved to have seen on billboards!

Austin Art Board Winners 2012

Some cool grackles (on the right) by Cathy Savage next to my piece (Misha Blaise).
I would LOVE to see this message large scale, in these cool, big crooked letters. Artist: Joseph Santandrea
This piece by Adreon Henry is bright and whimsical.  It's cheerful and yet still mysterious.

I'm a sucker for chickens, and I love the way the artist Abby Mandel made these guys so stylized.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Show at Paloma Botanical Beauty Parlour

My solo show "KOLO" opens September 14th, 2012 at Paloma Botanical Beauty Parlour in Austin, TX. Join me for the opening party from 7-9 PM. I have a bunch of new work that I will be showing-- mostly paintings! 

I named the show after a dance called Kolo; a traditional collective folk dance, danced primarily by people from countries in the former Yugoslavia.  It is danced in groups who join their hands around each other’s waist; there is almost no movement above the waist. The Kolo costume for both men and women involves beautifully detailed and brightly colored embroidered elements that reflect the ethnic design aesthetic of the region.

My latest work reflects the distinctive elements of this aesthetic, including flat use of line and color, geometric shapes, bold colors and decorative ornamentation. I’m inspired by the elegant detail and complex patterns of global textile design in general, and I do incorporate other influences into my work, but I have been focusing on this region of the world since my own family roots are there. The Kolo dance, costume and accompanying music tends to be super festive and cheerful, and I hope to reflect this vibrancy in my art.
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