Monday, May 21, 2012

Design Inspired by a Rug

A few months ago, I bought this very cool "Kite Kilim" rug from West Elm.

Kite Kilim Rug

At first I had it on my living room floor, but my husband was a big crybaby and said it was too scratchy, so I had to move it under our console.  I really really love the pattern on this rug, and I was inspired to duplicate it into a piece of art I was working on.  The 1 piece turned into 3, and suddenly I had a series inspired by a rug!

Starting out: I painted a few elements to merge together digitally.
The three images I came up with
Art inspired by a rug!
Visit my ETSY shop to buy these pieces!


  1. Misha, I truly love your art!
    Gorgeous Designs and thanks for sharing your inspiration behind the ideas. :)

  2. lovely, as usual. misha has such an eye for beauty and design.

  3. I think my new office needs all three of these little guys!

  4. Thanks everyone...I really appreciate it! :)

  5. These are fabulous. I especially love the sun cloud one!


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