Friday, November 2, 2012

Art, Typography, and Mike Ditka

I've come to feel out of touch with all fall and winter holidays now that I live in Austin; without cold air or snow on the ground I can't quite wrap my head around these seasonal transitions. Out of nowhere, Halloween was 2 days ago! Around 2pm on Halloween day I thought to myself, "hmmm...what should I dress up as this year?" and then promptly decided to do what I have done for the past few years, which is to just dress in black and pretend that it counts as a costume, even though I would wear the same outfit on pretty much any other day.

Luckily my husband has been planning our son's costume for about the past year. My husband is originally from Chicago and he has very precisely cultivated a "Chicago guy" voice with which he says things like "Go Bearz....Sausage...Ditka."  Very SNL circa 10 years ago. So this Mike Ditka costume idea was really all him.

Now that it is the day after Halloween, the TV is already lighting up with Christmas commercials!  Although the x-mas holidays seem like a vague idea at this point, in the world of retail everyone is already cranking out their holiday gift lines.  I have been working on my own new stuff for a few holiday shows, and I'm posting them in my Etsy shop today!

These typography prints are 7.6" x 9.5" and will pop easily into a standard frame matted for an 8"x10"print.

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