Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hang That Stuff!

I have been working the past week or so on some new jewelry/key racks that are hand painted on wood. Here is a glimpse into the process of making a few dozen:

First I picked two pallets: oranges and blues, and went to work painting layers of colors in an expressionist fashion (which is just a fancy way of saying that I pretty much just grabbed whatever color I wanted and slapped it on the image).

Next I developed a few simple designs that I could easily replicate.  It's no surprise that this largely involved birds, which means that anyone with a bird phobia, like my friend Mae, will probably never buy this art!  Sorry Mae!
I got really excited about painting these little peacocks.  I love Persian miniature painting, and while my skills and patience level are in no way high enough to replicate one of those, I think these little birds at least hint at the style of a Persian miniature.

Here are some of the final results, available for sale in local stores in Austin, Texas, and at my etsy store!

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